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Vintage BLAZE “Galloping” ROCKING HORSE (1961) MATTEL San Jose Area Pick-Up ONLY


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FIRST COME – FIRST SERVE!!! Offered here is a vintage BLAZE “Galloping” ROCKING HORSE from MATTEL. This handsome steed was quite the wonder when introduced in 1961. He GALLOPS when ridden! This is an EARLY (non-talking) issue from the first year it was released. He has some damage, including cracking all along the saddle and I would NOT recommend this toy to be used by a child, but displayed by a collector. The TIP of his right ear and one foot peg is missing and for the life of me, I can’t tell if he had his paint job touched up or not. All-in-all, it displays GREAT!!! Horse itself measures approx.36″ in length and is about 40″ at the top of his head. The longer stabilizer bar is approx. 52″ in length. Overall, about 26″ wide.

Blaze was a rocking-horse toy produced by Mattel toy makers and introduced in 1961. Blaze was featured prominently during children’s television advertising (Mattel was the very first toy maker to advertise year around with television commercials). Unlike other rocking-horses of the time, Blaze was mounted on a stand that was said to be “untippable” and had no springs. A toy like this, that could gallop and move realistically when the horse was rocked forward and backward, was something special.

This toy goes for around $250 in great condition. I’ve priced this one to move. Please note: PICK-UP ONLY!!! I can meet at my store in San Jose or any other locations from Santa Cruz to San Jose.

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