The Impudent Child’s Picture Book of Poetry – Lela Dowling


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‘The Impudent Child’s Picture Book of Poetry’, by Lela Dowling. This book began as a desire to make use of some of the heaps of artwork lying around the art studio that the artist has produced over the years, in the style of Wallace Tripp’s nifty little books (‘A Great Big Ugly Man Came Up and Tied His Horse to Me’, among others.) These are the poems and drawings the likes of which might be concocted out on the school playground, beyond adult scrutiny, or perhaps repeated to you by a really cool uncle or a politically incorrect Grandpa.

48 pages in color. 8.25″ x 10.5″ Copyright 2007.

About the Artist – Lela Dowling has been creatively involved in the field of fantasy, science fiction and comic art since 1976. Her pen and ink style, often embellished with watercolor, is primarily influenced by the English Illustrator Arthur Rackham and ‘Pogo’ cartoonist Walt Kelly. When she’s too lazy to write her own material, she relies on dead writers and poets to provide the vehicle for her humorous scribblings. Over the years Lela has tried her hand at fine art prints, portfolios, comics, book illustration, editorial cartooning, computer animation, conceptual design, and even scrimshaw & medical illustration. A freelance commercial artist, she resides in Northern California.